Over two decade of IT/Telecom industry experience with managing large scale telecom/networking projects and provide managed service to mission critical telecommunication/networking/broadcasting projects, now we are in to IT/Telecom/large cooperation business process outsourcing (BPO) service area under “MITTER CONNECT PVT LTD” with the objective of providing exceptional service to our partners’ clients.


IT/Telecom/Network areas:

(Large/Multinational companies, Telecom operators, manages WIFI/ data service/security/CCTV providers  )

Outsourcing for Remote Monitoring and Management

Outsourcing for   Level 1 Service Desk Engineer, Level 2 Service Desk Engineer, Level 3 Service Desk Engineer

Level 1 NOC Analyzer, Senior Network Engineer…

Outsourcing for  IT Help Desk Support, troubleshooting issues over the phone.

Email Support Services

Chat Support Services

Remote device monitoring ( Workstations, Servers, Network devices), management and remediation are designed to troubleshoot and fix issues with IT services and applications.

Preventative maintenance

Monitor and maintain your and your client’s IT infrastructure.

Other non-IT/technical related areas :

Data Entry Services, Customer Care Services, Call Center Solutions, Graphic Design


We offer companies to provide good customer service by combining live telephone answering and all business communications available 24/7.

We can facilitate well-trained human telephone operators to ensure the conversations with your customers will go as smoothly as you expect. By giving a personal responsive experience to the customer, it’ll create the idea that the organization cares for its customers.


This service provides the opportunity for companies to provide wow customer service.


We will engage your website visitors, and convert them into qualified leads.

Expand customer market reach, minimized visitor dropouts and increase the visitor volume on their websites. This service in return will bring you high customer satisfaction and boost brand value.


  1. Live Operators and Online Chat
  2. Visitor started a chat
  3. Customer Inquiries & Grievance Resolution Chat
  4. Lead generation and follow-up chat
  5. Inbound customer support
  6. Technical support
  7. Products / Services info chat
  8. Order management / verification / fulfillment
  9. Order processing queries
  10. Billing support
  11. Help Desk support

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